Saturday, March 21, 2009


I sent some tapes I shot this week to a post house, and I don't envy their position. They hadn't encountered DVCPro HD tapes shot in 1080 30P.

One of the advantages of my one-man-band-world is that I can learn what I my gear does and leave it at that. A post house has to learn every possible format that material can be sent and figure out how to ingest it into their edit system. In today's 57 format universe, that has to be dizzying at times.

That was one advantage of the 3/4 U-matic and beta days- passing tapes about didn't require an electronic Babel Fish to make them all work together.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tipping Points

My research on Adobe Premiere is leading me in this direction:

1. Premiere has issues with DVCProHD, which I work in and will soon distribute;
2. Since hardly anyone uses Premiere, it is very hard to hire freelancers to edit in it, which we do on occasion.
3. Reports of bugginess, especially when you start tying a bunch Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffect and Premiere bits into one project.

For some things Premiere sounds like a handy tool, especially if working in a non-TV aspect ratio. If I ever get a free day to experiment, I may break out a demo.

Much thanks to the forums at Creative Cow.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Avid QT Export

Does anyone else have difficulty exporting a QT file that doesn't have washed out gamma? I'm still trying to find a decent workaround for that one.



Avid has released keyframable color correction to the Newscutter. I can now solve some problems with the lousy amateur video I must deal with occasionally.

That was going to be a "Missing Avid Features" post, so they beat me to the complaint. Nice job! Perhaps in another decade or so this will be a solid tool.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adobe Premiere

I'm searching for reasonable pros and cons of using Adobe Premiere in an HD broadcast environment.

DVCProHD, P2, shared storage, and output to everything from HD tape to YouTube and flash.

I can find stand alone reviews, but not comparisons of AP to FCP and the various Avid platforms. Personal experience a plus. I assume a few things have changed since I last used it in 2K.

The one feature I recall from an NAB demo was auto updating of other Adobe projects in the Premiere timeline. That's some nice engineering, but I need more to consider it a viable option.

My biggest issue is finding freelancers to work on it.